As a virtual law firm modeled on the virtual corporation concept, the 21st Century Law Office® is organized to staff projects on a scope appropriate to the project.

ROBERT PAMPELL is a highly experienced attorney with over 30 years of experience covering a wide variety of business and financing transactions. His practice includes the formation and maintenance of LLCs, corporations and partnerships. His experience also covers extensive work in business contracts and financing arrangements, as well as commercial real estate.

Bob is a graduate of the University of Texas School of Law and a member of the New Mexico and American Bar Associations, including the Committee on LLCs, Partnerships and Unincorporated Entities.

His practice began with 15 years of experience in large law firm environments, at Sutin, Thayer & Browne and Modrall, Sperling, Roehl, Harris & Sisk, both in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ultimately, his desire to serve smaller clients more effectively led him to form the 21st Century Law Office LLC in 1993, as one of the first virtual law firms in the U.S. The Firm opened its Seattle area office in 2005.

Over time, the focus at 21st Century Law has evolved more toward business law. This shift reflects the fact that law practice has become extremely specialized.

Throughout his years of practice, the focus has always been the diligent, fair and straightforward representation of the client.


  • Local Counsel – Historic Hotel Redevelopment Project; Albuquerque, NM
  • Local Counsel – Apartment Project Refinancing; Albuquerque, NM
  • Co-founder Counsel – Startup Incubator (Fat Pipe LLC); Albuquerque, NM
  • Owner Counsel – Purchase of Retail Franchise (national) location; Seattle, WA
  • Corporate Co-Counsel – Startup company equity restructuring
  • Numerous LLC and corporate formations – New Mexico and Seattle, WA area