There is no charge for our Pre-Engagement Consult, described in Practice & Services.


Our fixed-fee services include the Preliminary Review Session and the Business Formation package, also described in Practice & Services. Contact us to learn more about this or to set up a Pre-Engagement Consult.


In some instances, hourly services are the fairest arrangement for legal work. This may apply to projects that are research-intensive, for example, or that may involve significant give-and-take with other parties. In some situations, a portion of the charges may be fixed-fee and the remainder hourly. Also, we sometimes offer hourly fees with a maximum cap where appropriate.

At 21st Century Law Office, we fully itemize all services shown on the invoice, and we always review fees critically to assure that the fees are fair for the service provided. And we always welcome any questions or feedback you may have regarding your invoice.


Our approach to cost billing is very simple: whenever we incur a direct, third-party cost (such as Secretary of State filing fees) as part of our representation of a client, we pass that along. You will not be charged for things like incidental copies and faxes, or brief phone calls and emails.

If you decide to work with the 21st Century Law Office, we will provide you with an engagement letter agreement describing the work to be done and the agreed billing arrangement.